Music and Bombs combined to create something beautiful!

Detonate Festival is a new years eve festival in Taranaki.

August 2009.  Sitting watching the debris fall from the sky after detonating a huge bomb, Detonate Festival founder and resident stuntman/pyrotechnician/crazy man, Mark Horwell, thought to himself “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a whole day, dedicated to blowing sh*t up and making general chaos?”  And it was with this thought that Detonate Festival came to be.

Detonate Festival is all about bombs, music, pyrotechnics, good entertainment and good times.  It’s something a little different from your usual NYE festival.  It’s more about adrenaline, the deafening, heart stopping explosions, sky high fireballs…..while getting amongst it with your favorite Kiwi bands and DJs.



Oh yes, bombs.  We have a qualified and trained pyrotechnician/stuntman, who will be ‘detonating’ bombs and pyrotechnics all day long and we have something special planned for New Year’s Eve too.


At Detonate 09 Precision Helicopters dropped a caravan from 400 meters high!  This year we have some crazy suprise stunts lined up, expect the unexpected!  Who knows what we’ll do!


There are two stages at Detonate:

The Rock Radio Main Stage – has some of New Zealand’s finest acts playing from 12.30pm on the 31st of Dec until around 2am on the 1st of Jan.  Ten bands ranging from soft rock to punk and everything in between.

The Most LTD Dance Zone – Local and National DJ’s ripping it up from 12am on the 31st of dec until 6am on the 1st of Jan.


Like getting down and dirty in the mud?  During the day the three Detonate Mudslides will be running: Tom Thumb Slide, Detonate Slide and Crazy Pyro Slide (for the extreme players).  We recommend you bring some old clothes and a towel.

Paintball Gauntlet

You can either be the hunter of the hunted.  Drink tokens will be up for grabs for the runner that makes it through the gauntlet, or the sharp shooter the brings the runner down.

Forget the Regret

Do you want to blow up our car?

We are going to put a car in the festival arena at Detonate along with some marker pens, all you have to do is write your biggest regret of 2010 on it, and if you have the best regret you get to blow the car up!

The LTD Artspace

local and invited graffiti artists creating an original feast for your eyeballs that takes shape as the day progress’s, and as the bombs get bigger and the music gets louder this wall of art will blow minds with the talent these artist’s will display!
proudly put together by ltd clothing, Devon St, New Plymouth


We can’t let you guys go hungry during the festival, so we have got some awesome local providers signed up to make sure that your tummies are full up, so you can keep going all night.

Thirst Quenchers

Thirsty?  Get into it.  As well as the usuals from our licensed bar areas, there will be non-alcoholic options as well, all for very reasonable prices!


Check out the markets while you party on down.  Detonate Festival merchandise will be available for purchase on the day, make sure you are the envy of all your mates in some of our primo Detonate Merchandise.


There is FREE camping available onsite at Detonate.  It’s on a first come, best site basis.  Let’s make sure everyone is comfy cosy.  The camping site will be open from 12am on the 31st and is included in your ticket price.

Transfers to/from New Plymouth

Drink driving sucks – we want to make sure that all our guests get to and from the festival safely, in one piece and NOT in the back of a paddy wagon.  There will be buses to Detonate Festival, check out the BUS page under Festival Info for further details.

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.  That’s a fool’s mission.

And Much Much More…..